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Airbus X A320/321
ایجاد شده: 7 year(s) ago | 3456 بازدید - 0 نظر
ایرباس ایکس بدون شک یکی از بهترین ایرباس های موجود در دنیای سیمولاتوراست که با تلاش بسیاری از خلبانان واقعی و همکاری چندین خط هوایی طراحی و عرضه شده است همچنین جدیدترین محصول در رده هواپیماهای ایرباس بوده و در حال بروز رسانی...
کیفیت استثنایی جزئیات خیره کننده داخل کابین نمای بیرونی بسیار دقیق با کیفیت اچ دی
در دو سری 320 و 321 ..
کلید ها تماما کاربردی و فعال
تمامی درهای خروجی فعال
حداقل کاهش فریم
طرح های مختلف ایرلاینهای مختلف
به همراه آپدیت تا آخرین ورژن 1.22
کیفیت صدای عالی بیش از صد افکت داخل کابین
سازگار با آ ای اس
br />/>بهمراه نرم افزار های مربوطه نظیر محاسبات سوخت مسافران و بار

صدای استثنایی و سفارشی ایرباس
سیستم ناوبری با قابلیت آپدیت
ام سی دی یو کاربردی
برنده جایزه های:
Conclusion by the magazine "Flight!", Issue April 2011
Award winner March 2011,
Conclusion by

پیشنهاد پایلت آو پرشیا


Manuals/Documentation: Normal Checklist, PF/PNF Procedure guide, Systems Manual, Normal Procedures Manual. Up to 120 pages (available in formats for smart phones and iPad) available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Russian.
Virtual Airlines: There will be a reduced price option for VA pilots of VA’s that have a contract with Aerosoft (contact for that).
Extensive animations: sunshades, standby compass, APU door, pullout tables, observer seat, windows, windshield wipers (individual on both sides, two speed), passenger and cargo doors, landing lights, wind milling engines (depending on wind direction and strength), Ground Power Unit (will power the aircraft), traffic cones, chocks (will act as parking brakes), Custom coded Spoiler/speed brake animation. All animations come with sound effects. Of course all the standard things like gears and flight control surfaces are animated.
Load/Save aircraft state module: easy to use module that saves all aircraft settings, includes presets for cold & dark, taxi, takeoff, cruise.
Compatibility: comes prepared for AES, uses default FSX standards wherever possible to stay compatible with other add-ons and hardware. Note: throttle is read from DirectX, bypasses FSX completely, to avoid FSX related problems.
Models / Engines / Liveries: A320 with IAE and CFM engine, A321 with IAE and CFM engine, (systems based on IAE standards). Iberia, Niki, BA, US Airways, Air Berlin, Air France, Alitalia and Lufthansa included, dozens of other paints available shortly after release.
Sounds: High definition (FSX standard) sound set, with additionally over 100 sounds for VC.
Installation: Easy installer and no complex DRM schemes or Online installers.
Lighting: Advanced non standard lighting system (landing lights, taxi way turn off lights, nose wheel taxi light, nose wheel take-off light) that actually light up the scenery around the aircraft.
Frame rates: Frame rates are comparable to default FSX airbus (that has 1/5th the polygons and almost no detailed systems).
Paint kit: Available on release, highly advanced.
Extensibility: Very open in design (all systems in XML etc) and Aerosoft invites people to change and extend this product.
Airbus X Connect: Stand alone application
Load manager: Makes it easy to load passengers, cargo and fuel
TakeOff datasheet: Calculates Vspeed and FLEX settings
Flight Following: Use any device with a browser (like Smartphone, iPod etc) so you can go on with your life as the Airbus cruises.
Air conditioning: full automatic and manual modes, including 3 separate zones, zone controller, pack controller, pack flow controller, hot air pressure regulator, engine bleed controller, APU bleed controller. Full feedback on ECAM COND and BLEED pages.
Pressurization: full automatic using 6 control modes with cabin pressure controllers, outflow valve actuator, control panel and safety valves. All indications on PRESS and DOORS ECAM.
Avionics Ventilation: full automated mode using the Avionics Equipment Ventilation Controller (AEVC) with valve indication on ECAM.
Landing Gear/Brakes: Full manual control, auto brakes, anti-skid, brake fans. Full indications on the main panel, ECAM WHEEL page, ACCU pressure gauge.
Standby instruments: compass (drops from overhead panel), horizon, DDRMI and clock/timer.
Seatbelt/ No Smoking: full automated and semi automated modes, including 10.000 feet auto switch.
ECAM: all pages (ENG, BLEED, PRESS, ELEC, HYD, FUEL, APU, COND, DOOR, WHEEL, F/CTL) included with all, status, recall and clear functions. T.O. CONFIG simulation fully supported and all pages will automatically show when needed.
Master Caution/ Master Warning: fully operational, including audio and reset.
Communication: Two VOR (with tuning by entering the name), Transponder and two ADF radios implemented in MCDU. Two VHF and Audio Control panel. Fully compatible with Go Flight, Saitek, VR Insight etc without any additional software.
Flight controls: two ELAC, two FAC and three SEC computers, with mechanical flight control backup, operating under normal law protection (load factor limitation, pitch attitude protection, high AoA protection, high speed protection). Full FBW system. Speed brakes and spoiler with ground spoiler control system. All flight controls fully linked to hydraulic systems. Fully featured ECAM F/CTL page. Slats and Flaps systems fully featured and fully compatible with all additional hardware.
TCAS: Fully implemented with 4 threat levels (default, proximate TA, RA) in navigation display, including sounds.
Navigation: Uses updatable Navigraph navigation database.

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