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747 Yoke Captain
ایجاد شده: 7 year(s) ago | 5424 بازدید - 0 نظر
Aircraft Controls Engineering (ACE) proudly introduces second product to our line up. B747-400 PRO (Professional Series). This is our newest upgrade.
We believes the most important part of any Flight Simulator are the Flight Controls, as this is the only way to feel the aircraft. You can be sure that there are no differences between this 747 Yoke and the one found in real Flight Deck. This 747 PRO series Yoke is all metal with industrial powder coating to mimic the real counterpart. Now also including 747 Type clipboard for reading checklist and charts. Designed with ruggedness in mind, the 747 PRO series Yoke provides authentic functionality and precision.
Features :
* Full metal and Aluminum casting.
* All Aluminum Yoke Handle.
* Industrial Powder coated column, color matched to 744 Palette.
* 747-400 type clipboard with 3 stage adjustment and moveable pointer.
* 747-400 type Trim Switch. Dual Action buttons, Heavy feel like real Boeing switch
* 747-400 style Auto-Pilot disconnected switch with cover.
* 747-400 style decals lettering on the Yoke.
* Two push to talk buttons (mic button)
* Full U.S.B HID complaint Device.
* Button inputs can be assigned within the Flight Simulator.
* Mil-spec Industrial (sealed) potentiometers for high life expectancy.
* Not susceptible to drift requiring re-calibration
* Full Speed USB HID compliant device. Will work on any USB 2.0 compliant system.
* 10-Bit resolution (1023 steps)
* Hardware calibration support. No calibration in Windows required.
* Axis trim and dead zone settings
* User adjustable digital filtering algorithm support
* Firmware updates via USB
* USB bus powered
Interface and Connectivity: usb 2.0
Operating Systems and Simulators: Windows Vista, XP

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name: CEO
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